Reconciling the Irreconcilable

The LIGO (Michelson) interferometer supposedly works on the phase difference created in the orthogonal arms of the interferometer due to a passing gravitational wave. Using 'numerical' relativity, the cause for such a wave involving the 'contraction and expansion of spacetime' is due to the merger of a binary black hole.

Laplace's versus Einstein's Determination of the Collision of Two Heavenly Bodies

Taylor's, and his grad student Hulse's, discovery in 1974 of the first binary pulsar (PSR 1913+16 specifying its position in the sky), has been said to have brought about a revolution in gravitational physics. For here, for the first time, we have two very small astronomical objects, each with a radius of some 10 kilometres, but with masses comparable with that of the sun, orbiting about one another at extremely small distances--several time's the moon's distance from earth, but where deviations with Newtonian gravitational physics were expected to be significant.

Fermilab Debunks Holographic Theory--But for the Right Reason?

When an experiment appears, at least superficially, to fit a theory presently in mode, it is hailed as as ground-breaking event. Yet, when an experiment turns up a null result, it is labeled 'controversial,' and placed in the same category as other null results like the Michelson-Morley experiment which supposedly heralded in the theory of Special Relativity. Only what theory is being heralded in is left as a secret.


If Gravitational Waves don’t Aberrate, they don’t Radiate!


Carlip [arXiv:9909087/gr-qc] has claimed that aberration in general relativity [GR} is exactly cancelled out by velocity-dependent interactions so that the gravitational force propagates at the speed of light. In an analogy with electrodynamics, this supposedly is the same speed that gravitational waves propagate.

Gravitational Waves from Inertial Interferometers without Length Contraction or Time Dilation

The fundamental null results of Michelson and Morley, which tests length contraction in the direction of motion, and  Kennedy and Thorndike, which confirms time dilation, in inertial moving interferometers are no where mentioned in the recent experiments results of LIGO that purport to establish the existence of gravitational waves using  such a Michelson interferometer. Even in the case of the Kennedy-Thorndike experiment which utilizes arms of different length, a null result was obtained.

Can Einstein's Equations Radiate?

Up until the last decade of the twentieth century, only a small handful of people were actively working in the field of gravitational waves that the general relativity predicts. 

How Can Gravitational Waves Jiggle A Reflecting Array of Plates When They Carry Neither Energy Nor Momentum?

Gravitational waves (GW) are the supposed culprits behind the out of phasing of electromagnetic waves which are bounced of two sets of plates at right angles in the LIGO interferometer. The recombination of the out of phase electromagnetic waves is what  supposedly produces the interference pattern allowing for the detection of GW. All this is said to happen at zero energy since GW carry no energy. This would be the ultimate free lunch! And this contradicts all that we know about waves, which can coil and extend so that when they hit obstacles can release a radiation (Maxwell) pressure.

Second Sighting of A Coalescing Pair of Black Holes---The Conspiracy of Light

The press, backed up by exaggerated claims by project team leaders, claims that we are heralding in a new era of "gravitational" spectroscopy whereby by an upgraded Michelson type interferometer is able to measure the distortion on its arms caused by gravitational waves, Furthermore, by the observed frequency changes, one can deduce the cause of these waves.

LIGO’s Discovery of Gravitational Waves Invalidates Special Relativity

An interference pattern from out of phase beams traveling perpendicular to one another demonstrates that the speed of light is not constant for all inertial observers. The shrinking and expansion of these waves in each of the arms of the interferometer mean that the light beams cannot be both  traveling at the speed of light, c. The shrinking and expansion of the arms can be interpreted as the result of an aether wind propagating at a finite velocity v.

So How Do Gravitational Waves Progagate?

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