Has the history of relativity been rewritten?

Physical theories are born without fanfare and take time to incubate. For instance, the science of thermodynamics was born with the publication of a small  monograph written by a French engineer named Sadi Carnot in 1824. In less than twenty years hardly a copy of the book could be found by the young William Thomson scouring the Paris book shops. Even after its publication, Carnot advised his friends not to read it because he came to the realization that heat could not be conserved, and it could undergo conversion into work.

Is science on the right track?

There have been so many unsubstantiated concepts and affirmations that have become a part of modern science that it is difficult to tell fact from mere fiction. Even some of the concepts that have been used to explain trusted theories have been twisted and distorted to make them ore palatable to the layman. This has infected the way we teach science as well as how we do science. Let me give two examples: