Who's Afraid of a Free-Falling Body?

The almost universal belief, enshrined in Galileo's leaning tower of Pisa experiment and Newton's apple, that a freely falling body is unaffected by its own mass has been shattered to smithereens by Einstein's theory of relativity, known as "general" relativity (GR).

How can GR accomplish this when it cannot even solve the two-body problem? 

Why Quanta Magazine Gets It Wrong With Emergent Gravity

According to its professed mission, “Quanta Magazine is to enhance public understanding of research developments in mathematics and the physical and life sciences.” Yet, it continues to churn out the same hype found in other newspapers and magazines like the New York Times and Forbes, and does anything but to “enhance public understanding” of science.

The Caisimir Effect---the Origins of Vacuum Fluctuations and the Cosmological Constant---Invalidates General Relativity



In the popular literature—but sadly not only there—we read that the Casimir energy drives inflation. Carroll goes so far as to say “I will use the terms ‘vacuum energy’ and ‘cosmological constant’ essentially interchangeably.” He goes on to say that “vacuum fluctuations themselves are very real as evidenced by the Casimir effect.”

NASA Does It Again: This Time A Perpetual Motion Machine that Taps Into Zero-Point Energy!



Forbes, which has taken a fancy to cosmology and space science, has published recent blogs entitled: “The EM drive, NASA’s ‘impossible machine’, highlights our greatest failings”, “NASA-defying EM drive passes peer review”, and “How physics falls apart if EM drive works” by two of their science columnists, Siegel and Koberlein. This, again, emphasizes that outlandish results being brought to the attention of the lay community generates readers.

The Unrelenting March of Universal Constants in the Big-Bang Cosmology



The Big-Bang Cosmology (BBC, no insult to the British Broadcasting Corporation intended), has been patched up some many times and on so many fronts that it is no longer recognizable as a serious contender to explain the origins of the Universe.

The BBC decries that all matter was created at the time of the Big Bang (BB), although there are now recent attempts to shift ‘inflation’ to the other side of the origin of time, i.e. pre-BB. The pillars of the BBC are:

The Speed Limit Hasn't Been Repealed: The Universe is non-Accelerating

The 2011 Nobel prize for physics went to the discovery that that Universe is expanding at an ever-accelerating rate, rather than at a constant rate as previously believed from Hubble's diagram. On the 21st of October, the tables seem to have been turned again, and the new verdict is that  "the data are still quite consistent with a constant rate of expansion", i.e., no acceleration!